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I do not recommend this place!

These are the rudest people we have ever encountered. The weekend man in the office is so inconsiderate and rude to adults and kids alike and the park manager said he has heard of him acting this way before but still the man lives here and continues to work here. This park is filled with pipeliners and I told the man at the desk alot of pipeliners would be moving out of here and he said good they are trouble anyway. Needless to say we will never be back here again nor recommend this park to anyone. The weekend man in the office also lied to the park manager to save his face.

Used to be a great place!

My hubby and I have stayed here in the past and enjoyed it each time, but not this last time. We stayed in June of 2013. The spot that was given to us had a full dump site and you could tell where the last person's black tank overflowed out of the sewer. Management should have cleaned this up and not rented that spot out to someone knowing the dump was full. Plus there is no longer any wi-fi here or cable yet you still pay the same price as if there were. This place is not a good overnight stop. Not to mention the horrible sewer smell all over the park. I don't see how the full time campers can stand it!

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Jackson, Mississippi
USA, 39272
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